Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Longest Post About Nothing in the History of Blogger

Although it was relaxing to have a 3-day weekend, it was marred by Mr. M3's lack of excitement to hang out with me. I think I might wash my hands clean of this relationship... Here's the weekend rundown:

Friday: The night started out chill enough, w/wine at my place with my girl N. She's very "exotic" looking and the fellas love her, so I knew it would be a fun night. Even the cab driver on the way to Local 16 was hitting on her. Local 16 was great w/ lots of hot guys, including the uber-hipster bartenders. N however wanted to dance....so that meant Adams Mo! We hoof over there to Tom Tom and danced HARDCORE. I spotted a guy to dance with who was superfun until.... he leans over and says, "You're cute...real cute. But I bet you already know that." OK, seriously WTF? All I did was smile and dance with the guy and he thinks I'm stuck on myself. I politely thanked him for dancing, walked to the bathroom and quickly started cursing his name to the Rock Creek Gods.

Speed up to 3AM outside the legendary Jumbo Slice where I spot a handsome young dude. Like, really my type with dark hair and blue eyes. I tried my best to give him the "come talk to me-cuz i'm a pussy(cat!)-and dont wanna make the first move" eye but no dice. Finally I went 8th grade style and walked over to his friend to see if the Mr. Hottie Jumbo Slice was interested. His friend was very enthusiastic about hottie being interested in me, but when I talked to Mr. Hottie Jumbo Slice himself he did't seem very intrigued by me. He excused himself to go stand in line for pizza. So I was totally dissed for a pepperoni slice. I guess it just wasn't my night.
Saturday: Lazy lazy morning. Finally got up and exercised. Very very proud of myself for running the Custis trail, or as I like to call it the "Cussin trail" because I spend most of the run cursing and bitching about how I hate running. Around 4 PM got chinese food - yummy shrimp lo mein. Then I broke down and called Mr. M3 who did not call back, of course. So I decided to make it a me night and watch Napolean Dynamite (which is totally overrated).
Sunday: Exercised again (yay!), went grocery shopping, and went to Target. There is no such thing as "running into Target real quick to pick up one thing". I spent $50 on a book, dvd, and cute tank top. Lucky for me my former co-worker J called to invite me to a party on his rooftop. So I called my friend S-Lo the Complainer to invite her. S-Lo is the kind of girl I can only take in small doses. She complains about everything and is a total sourpuss when we go out. She goes out and thinks she's too cool for school and doesn't have to talk to anyone or meet new people. So why am I still friends with her??.....

So S-Lo says her co-worker El wants to go have dinner and drinks in Georgetown. Cool. So we go to waterfront and S-Lo insists we wait for a table outside. Typical S-Lo. She has this thing about having to sit outside or a bar must have a rooftop/outdoor part. Anyway we sit at Nick's Riverside and have possibly the worse service so far this year. Waitress clearly did not care about what we wanted, so of course I only tipped her about 15%. This is why I avoid G-Town like SARS. Then we head to J's apt on 13th and U. Sweet sweet apt and nice friends of his that I meet. I meet a cool guy from Philly and we exchange numbers because he clearly goes out and drinks every night of the week and I think he would be able to keep up with me! But of course S-Lo and El promptly go sit in a corner and make no attempts to talk to anyone, even though on 2 occassion's J's friends tried to introduce themselves. Those girls are seriously worthless.

So here's the drama. I call Mr. M3 to see what he's doing and he gives me the standard: "Hangin with my bro." OK fair enough he's with family. He says he's not sure if he's going out but his brother is trying to drag him to Adams Mo. I tell him I'm going to Local 16 (again) so perhaps he could come there. I tell him I'll call back. At this point its about 11 PM, so he should just get up and come out, at least to see me, right?!? I call him back and he says he's tired and not going out. Now, I'm not one to invite myself over to places, but why the bloody hell couldn't he have invited me over after his brother left? I would have been more than willing to leave S-Lo the Complainer behind and hang with him. I bring this up and he asks why I'm making this "difficult". OK, final straw. I hang up on him cuz he totally deserved it. Philly boy looked at me and said, "Ya know that guy is a tool if he can't come meet you out cuz if I had a cute girl like you call me, I would be out the door in a hot minute." Thank you Philly boy. Damn straight.
Monday: Happy Fuckin 4th of July. Sat in bed until 1 PM. Eventually work up the strength to walk the 10 yards to my neighbor's house for a BBQ. Came home around 8:30PM and still no call from Mr. M3. Decide not to bother with watching fireworks and end up reading (total nerd-style) because who wants to deal w/ tourists and evacuation plans.

Seriously, that is the worse idea ever - cause faux mass hysteria in downtown by restricting entrance/exit to the city. So I doze off and....ring ring its Mr. M3 calling at freakin 10:30PM. I don't answer. He calls again at 11:30PM and 12AM. I am still up but ignnore his calls. I think I need to cool my BCBG heels when it comes to him. I've made myself too available... but I really don't like to play games. Perhaps I will call him back tonight. Or maybe I'll call Philly boy and see what he's up to....


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