Friday, September 30, 2005

Vive Le Rock and Roll, Part Deux

Oasis put on an AWESOME show last night at Merriweather. its surreal to think that i first saw Oasis at the patriot center ten years ago when i was 13.

first, kasabian didn't play due to "technical difficulties". uh-oh. i think one of the members was having a kate moss/kelly osbourne type of moment. i was a little disappointed to not see them (although the lead singer did come out during the Oasis finale).

jet was OK. i really don't dig their songs but they sounded decent live.

Oasis started with "turn up the sun", which was an OK starter. then played "lyla". unfortunately about 1/3 through the song i succumbed to my bladder (the casualty of too many beers and sangria) and made a mad dish to the nearby bathroom. i think i broke some olympic trial records with my sprinting. as soon as i got back to my seat, the opening rift of "bring it on down" starts. holy schnikes! was not expecting this one. this is one of the earliest Oasis songs. they sounded AMAZING.

other highlights include Liam dedicating "live forever" to new orleans, noel singing "the importance of being idle", "rock and roll star" (which took me wayyy back to when i was 13 and saw that video), "what's the story morning glory?", Liam jumping down into the side loge sections to shake hands with fans and then getting mobbed, and noel singing "don't look back in anger."

when they played "wonderwall" i thought about malibu ken. i haven't written much about him lately. we talk all the time but he's still away recovering from surgery and should be back by nov 1. god that's such a long time to wait. so i was THAT girl and held up my cell phone and called him during "wonderwall" (when I spoke to him later that night he said all he could hear was my screaming rendition of the song and cheering).

Oasis ended with "my generation", which i think is an odd choice to end a show because it's a cover. they could have played any other song from their catalog and that would have made me happy (hello? slide away? supersonic???). but it was clear that everyone on stage was having a great time, including members from kasabian that came out to sing along and dance maniacally around the stage. overall, a great show. Liam sounded good, Noel's guitar playing was crisp, and the whole band had great energy. although i do miss alan white, the drummer, who has been replaced by Ringo Starr's son! 10 years later Oasis are more seasoned and god bless 'em still rock and roll stars.


Blogger aklsdjhfa said...

If I were to see Oasis and not hear "Supersonic," I would firebomb the venue immediately. Fortunately, I too saw them 10 years ago, and they did play it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get into any of their material since the release of "Be Here Now."

However, I still remember coughing up nearly $30 to get my hands on their MTV Unplugged CD, which wasn't made available in the States, b/c Liam didn't sing that night.

2:36 PM  
Blogger DC Cookie said...

You are such a Rocker Chick!

4:37 PM  
Blogger VP of Dior said...

their latest album is good, but i agree be here now and the last two were not great.

and i am a rocker chick!! haha. i'm going to see U2 in NYC next weekend!

4:33 PM  

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