Sunday, March 12, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Damn Drop Out of My Faucet

OK, since about 3pm today, there has been no water service in Arlington County and parts of Northwest D.C. I thought it was something wrong with our water valve, but as it turns out there was a major water main break around Chain Bridge ( NBC4) . Great. When we (Malibu Ken and I) woke up this morning there was water and we decided to be grungy and go to Hangover Haven ( Whitlow's). When we got home we put off showering for awhile to do other "things". So as soon as I'm getting ready to take a shower the water goes off. Now I'm off to drag my dirty ass down to Woodbridge to Mom's house to pick up something and hopefully get a shower. A recap of the rest of the weekend will come soon. As soon as I can wash my grimy fingers.....

UPDATE: Got a nice shower at Mom's and returned back to Arlington at 9:00PM to watch Sopranos and was happy to see the water has returned. My clean and fresh fingers are now free to type :)


Anonymous MappyB said...

Make sure it's not yellow! Ours sure was! Man, Whitlow's - how did I forget about that. We were craving hangover food after fondu night last weekend. We always end up going for pho. The saltiness cure's ya. But Whitlow's....

We should have an Arlington Blogger's HH sometime.

12:15 PM  

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