Thursday, June 22, 2006

Exercise Dude Is Alive and Well

I had no idea that posting about Exercise Dude would garner such a response (thanks to Wonkette and DC Blogs). And in this WaPo Express post there was a call to submit sightings of Exercise Dude. According to some blog commenters he has been spotted at 10th and Penn, 4th and H, and my area of 7th and H. I'm still waiting to see him with my own eyes. I'm really glad the heat has not stopped him from running loops in the middle of the street while successfully avoiding getting hit by a Metrobus. That is talent my friends.

Wonkette had an interesting serious of posts under the header: Chinatown is DC's Times Square. When I wrote yesterday's post I hadn't even thought about that. I don't think Chinatown is quite to the kitschiness level of Times Square but it does boast a lot of tourists, heavy traffic, bright lights, urgency, and our own version of the Naked Cowboy - DC's Exercise Dude. I think Exercise Dude and Naked Cowboy should team up for an all-star revue. No one would attend - but it would still be a pretty funny sight.


Blogger Complacent Chase said...

I am glad he still alive and kicking! Maybe he should host classes out there! :-)

4:16 PM  
Blogger Raincouver said...

Okay, I just went to the cowboy site and I am blind now. My fault! bllaahhhh!

good to hear DC exerdude is back!

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

Give Chinatown another year or two to complete it's radical gentrification. I'm sure it'll evntually be littered with more glowing digital billboards and eccentric local celebrities. ;-)

6:26 AM  

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