Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Boobies - Talentless Hack Edition

Things have been a little crazy at the Friday Boobies headquarters here in Bosomville, USA. I'm finally getting around to posting today's lady - Ashlee Simpson. You know, she makes it so easy to make fun of her. She says ridickulously stupid things and pretends she's not transforming herself into Jessica 1.5 (giving her the 2.0 title is being a bit too generous). I must say she is looking rather cute nowadays, but the picture I'm showing below is pre-rhinoplasty and pre-blonde Jose Eber makeover:

I definitely give Ashlee credit for being a wee bit right sexy yah? And her boobs are all natural as of today but who knows when that might change. She's still a talentless hack and her boobs are not as nice as Jessica's. I'll give her a 6. Happy Friday Boobies! Enjoy your weekend :)


Blogger Raincouver said...

thanks for the boobies... we on the west coast appreciate it.

Rain 1.2

5:21 PM  
Blogger O-FACE said...

WTF is your problem. You went half ass on this post man. Friday Boobies is like a pagan ritual for me everyweek. You put this crazy beeyatch up here???? Subtract 10 pts from your cool factor missy...

7:10 PM  
Blogger NubianTemptres43 said...

i'm not all that excited about lil simpson's boobies . . . i need to have something to look forward to on friday's, man . . .

step it up next week, i'm going to be 6 hours behind, your posts have to be worth my time.

8:54 AM  
Blogger VP of Dior said...

whoa there o-face and nubian. what is with the hostility???? i stand by this post!! yes ashlee is annoying and talentless, but her boobies are REAL and not half bad. I might retract my score of 6 and give her a 5 - but that's all you are getting from me.

and raincouver you are welcome. i think i might start calling you raincougar so beware...

9:32 AM  
Blogger Twoste said...

I don't like her nose.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous MappyB said...

It's funny b/c both Jessica and Ashlee have admitted that Ashlee's boobs are
'better' than Jessica's because they're not as big, etc. And I know this because they told me. I mean, I am addicted to gossip mags.

Why is she transforming herself into v1.5. I liked (wait, respected) that she had her own thing going on, and now she looks just like the rest of them.

5:57 AM  

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