Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Boobies

Happy Friday Boobies and the first boobies post of July. Today's lovely lady is a D-list celebrity who "anchors" (I use the term loosely) "Access Hollywood."Maria Menounos is a Greek cutie who I actually find less annoying than say, a Vanessa Minnillo who "anchors" "Entertainment Tonight" :

Her ta tas look natural and normal (ahem Pam Anderson) so I'm going to give her a score of 8. They might be too big for some people's taste but I think they look just fine. I also like her because she loves her Greek curves and seems happy in her own skin. You gotta love that!


Blogger KassyK said...

LOVE HER and they are definately real. She used to be REALLY heavy and lost something like 60 lbs after college.

Vanessa Manilo is a pain...Maria is just sweet. :-) Great choice.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Sharkbait said...

I ADORE Her and all her greek beauty. She is the reason I wish I were more Greek than just part-well her and Velvet and my BF from college!

Amazing. Very pleased with this one.


3:41 PM  

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