Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Urban Myths

Nip/Tuck has jumped shipped and gone into unsavable territory. Last night's story line involved (SPOILER ALERT) Liz meeting a babe at a lesbian bar, taking the hottie home, and then Liz waking up without HER LIVER. Come on Nip/Tuck! What happened to your writers? Did they all catch e. coli from a tainted spinach bacon and egg salad (yummmm) which left you scrambling for suitable writers? I guess all they could find were 14 year old boys who once heard a story from drunk Uncle Johnny about having a few Coors at a bar and then waking up missing an organ. The show is pretty unbearable to watch now and damn creepy (don't get me started on Sean sleeping with the teenage baby sitter who looks 35, the midget caregiver, and Matt becoming a Scientologist).

Actually, you can tell the writers are 14 year olds because the best line of the night came from Christian when he said, "My your chocolate cupcakes are looking yummy today," referring to Sanaa Lathan's bosom.

On a slightly related note, did anyone see the Fox5 report about people falling through grates on sidewalks? I thought this was just another urban myth, and yet I still avoid grates when possible, mostly because I wear heels, but also because the thought of falling through one freaks me out. Has anyone read about this topic on Snopes?


Anonymous MappyB said...

Really - Fox5 reported on this?! I have a fear of falling through those grates, although when you look in them, there is a little ledge on the inside, that would appear to make them difficult to fall in to (as the grates look like they are supposed to open up and out) - but what if a hinge broke, or something? Either way, stay away from them! Especially in heels or a skirt, some blow air up and you end up trying to hold your skirt down while tip toeing across. It's just not cute.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Um but can we also talk about the dog/peanut butter/breast thing on Nip/Tuck?!? WOW.

Oh Laura Ingalls Wilder (aka Melissa Gilbert)...look how far you've come...

10:03 PM  

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