Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Wrong-way!

SPOILER ALERT - PR Finale, Olympus Fashion Week

Project Runway got it ALL wrong last night. Jeffrey? Are you kidding me? Uli's collection blew Jeffrey's away for sure. Michael and Laura's collections were a bit weaker than Uli's, but still for me both were more inspired and gorgeous than Jeffrey's. I think Michael has a great future in American sportswear design. Laura's was a bit too Alexis Carrington for me. I half expected the Dynasty cast to come out and start a bitch fight.

And since when is ripping-off Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Lovers Style" a strong artistic statement worthy of winning money??

But why will I continue to watch PR? Because of Tim Gunn and quotes like this:

And finally, don't expect Spears to be a guest judge on the upcoming season of "Project Runway." Tim Gunn, the show's Yoda-like and even-handed fashion guru, is uncharacteristically ruthless when asked to weigh in on the Britster's sense of style.

"Aside from looking as though she's just been dragged out from under a truck that tried to run her over, she always looks like she's in need of personal hygiene," Gunn blasts to Us. "The whole package to me is just repugnant. Ugh!"



Blogger E :) said...

I totally feel your pain. Uli's stuff rocked. I'm so pissed that Michael did so badly. What was he thinking?

10:28 PM  

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