Monday, March 12, 2007

"Well, France is superior at one thing..."

I had the pleasure of attending the Washington, DC International Wine and Food Expo at the Ronald Regan building yesterday. Of course my plan was to get there by 2pm and be sauced by 2:45pm, but it actually took me a little longer because the place was so EFFIN packed you could barely move around on the show floor. So now I present to you my ups and downs of the 2007 DC Wine and Food Expo:

2005 Bordeaux = Hundreds of wines from around the world to sample, conveniently organized by region
Franzia = Wine newbies immediately flocked to "France" at 2:01pm and subsequently depleted the wine supply from that country by 3:15pm

2005 Bordeaux = Chefs from Restaurant Kolumbia, Perry's, Giant, and Aria Trattorio
Franzia = Only 3 CHEESE STANDS. WTF???? The show was sorely lacking in tasty, creative cheeses to pair wine selections with and enjoy. Cabot's Cheddar cheese? Are you serious??? There were NO cheeses from Italy, Switzerland, England, or Spain.

2005 Bordeaux = Standout wines from Vale, South Africa, Argentina and Virginia
Franzia = Disappointing wines from Germany, France and India (yes, India)

2005 Bordeaux = Free wine glass, wine pairing wheel, and black "Wines of France" tote
Franzia = Grown ass adults begging for wine and clamoring for free giveaways, with the fervor of frenzied ants

Overall, it was a good day to sample wines from around the world and learn about the wine making process. Kudos to the Washington Post for sponsoring and I hope to attend next year!


Blogger Twoste said...

Leave it to D.C. to fuss up a wine tasting convention.
F-ing geek filled town.
"Oh look Marnie! The red!"
"Yes Bill, I'll take some back to my boss who HAPPENS to be pushing for chairmanship of the House Small Business Committee."
"Kudos dahling. Kudos."

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

I accidently found your blog while googling "pasta chinatown dc," and I absolutely love it! Ummmm..."I lost my shit to 'Buffalo Stance' and sweated out my straightened hair" is the best line I've read all week.


Your Newest Reader (who also works in Chinatown and wishes she could go to happy hour and talk about threesomes too)

9:32 AM  
Blogger VP of Dior said...

twoste - you are so on the money.

amy - welcome! i'm glad you enjoy my ridiculous rants. actually, i don't work in Chinatown anymore. i'm in the farragut west area now. its not as exciting as chinatown though. maybe its because work is so busy i dont have a chance to explore the area!

10:03 AM  

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