Monday, February 26, 2007

Stupid Girls

So I was talking to the "love of my life" who is actually just the first guy I fell hard for, and lamenting about not meeting guys. I told him that I have been told more than once that I am unapproachable. Now this particular "love of my life" met me when I was 18 under the haze of a drunken frat party and we are still friends to this day - and he said that when he met me he didn't find me intimidating or unapproachable. But again we were drunk and young and felt invincible and I had the cajones of a horse.

As I started to explain to him the response I have gotten from guys saying I am unapproachable, I automatically assumed he would refute these claims and tell me the opposite. But he didn't. He confirmed that I am unapproachable because of the fact that I come off as too intelligent.

Too intelligent...I never knew that could be a problem! I was naturally offended by his claim. Do not tell me that even though I am bright, ambitious, and thoughtful I have to hide that to appear dumb or non-threatening. Gee golly I better hide my William & Mary diploma and pretend to not know who Genghis Khan is.

So I got a little hyped up over his claim and he tried to explain it from a different light. He thinks that I use my intelligence as a defense, like "Look at me I'm sooo smart and please do not look at my fabulous boobs because I am so much more than that."

Well, I guess it's true then. Instead of flaunting my body I naturally just showcase my intelligence. Nothing wrong with that right? I suppose it could come off as being snooty or too into myself, but honestly why should I have to hide a part of me that is so great? Women are objectified enough in the media and society, why should I "dumb-down" my demeanor even more so as to not appear haughty?

If I use intelligence as a defense mechanism, it is because I am defending myself against some pre-conceived notions like that my hips and curves make me promiscuous or that because I am a black woman I simply can't have an interest in Shakespeare (and I swear these are real stereotypes I have faced). I have no reason to play the stupid girl and I never will. I understand it is important to connect with people from all walks of life, not just ones with fancy diplomas, but it is my prerogative to put my knowledge/IQ intelligence, as well as my emotional intelligence, at a premium. I hope more women do the same.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's My Turn To Weigh In

I have tried to ignore the whole Britney Spears tragic meltdown, but enough is enough. I have to speak my mind. Britney - we want the old you back!!! The sweet, flirty, too much pink Britney.

And yet all we have now is a cracked-out has been who needs professional help. Seriously, I'm tired of celebrities saying how hard it is to be in the public spotlight. If it's such a hard job, then go into hiding for a while and stay on the downlow!! I'm sure there is a hungry, impoverished family that would be happy to trade places with you and have all the luxuries you enjoy.

But I've gotten off on a tangent here. Anyway, Britney has gone off her rocker and should be restrained. She is fueled by enablers. She is delusional. And judging by these pictures, she may possibly be rabid. Such a shame.

Monday, February 19, 2007

NOT My Harris Teeter

I hate Harris Teeter.

Specifically the Teets on Glebe Rd and N Randolph in Arlington.

I usually shop at Giant and find that Giant prices are more reasonable and they carry good brands.

But today I ventured out to the Teets for a change of pace. And I was thoroughly appalled by my experience.

Here is my countdown of the Top 5 reasons to hate Harris Teeter:

5. Small aisles - how the FUCK can 2 people coming down the aisle in opposite ways squeeze by each other in these shrunken down lanes?

4. Two stories - grocery stores should not have elevators. That is all.

3. Store layout - grocery stores should not have angular aisles and thorough ways where you cannot see ahead of you. STICK TO THE SCRIPT TEETER!!

2. Limited cheese selection - I knew that I had a bottle of white and a bottle of red at home, so I figured finding a tasty cheese selection would be no problem. Oh but it was. The cheese display had 20 selections of brie and feta, but no good Swiss or Italian cheeses. I like my Comte and Gruyere god damnit!!

1. The clientele/customers - You snobby-sense of entitlement having-boring-North Face wearing fucktards. I swear it is a prerequisite to be annoying, obnoxious, and inconsiderate to shop here on a regular basis. I was "cut-off" by haphazardly directed carts the whole time. While pulling into the parking lot I was cut-off by an Audi A4. Figures.

I'm sticking to Giant from now on, where at least I am guaranteed some friendly faces and reasonable prices.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love In the Time of Freezing Rain

I was going to write a lenthy post about Valentine's Day and my bitterness at how awesome it was last year compared to the nothingness I have this year. But all I really want to say is:


VP of Dior

p.s. - I love all of my friends, male and female, who have stood by me no matter what. Much love!

Monday, February 12, 2007

How Was Your Weekend? Mine Was Great...Got Laid, Yada Yada Yada....

OK, time for a weekend recap. I had a solid weekend actually. Friday night I went out with 2 co-workers who are very fun girls. The kind of girls who have threesomes and make no bones about telling you that over wine at Eat Bar next to Tallula. That place actually has fantastic wine and cheese and fruit appetizers.

From there we went to Gua Rapo and all of its quasi-euro trash glory. At least there were no guys wearing sunglasses at night.

And we ended up the night on a high point- scarfing down chicken fingers and patty melts at IHOP. Although the next morning, my stomach was not a happy camper.

Cut to Saturday where I went to a cute boy's house to watch Va Tech STOMP UVA. Actually, I really don't care about either team but there was alcohol and chips and dip involved so it was fun to me.

Saturday night I went to a bar that was on my long list of places to hit up - Wonderland located in Columbia Heights. It'a in a sketchy area, and from the outside the bar looks like a shack. Inside it reminds me of the Big Hunt.

Wonderland is often described as a hipster hang out, and indeed there were a ton of them out. There were also a few blipsters - black hipsters - there as well, enjoying both De Le Soul and the Shins alike. I think because Wonderland has been a hotspot recently hipsters are "over" it and roll their eyes when the frat boys enter the building.

But you know why anyone and everyone should be able to go to Wonderland? The BOMB-ASS AWESOME DJ that spun everything from 80s to New Wave to Crunk to 90's house. For real I danced non-stop from 11pm to 2am. Who spins Wham! then New Edition then Neneh Cherry!???and gets away with it? He did. I lost my shit to "Buffalo Stance" and sweated out my straightened hair. I have no idea who the DJ was, but if I ever go back I hope he is there.

And lastly that brings us to Sunday. No I didn't forget about the laid part of my post title. I "relapsed" and "let the puppy out of the basement" and saw Malibu Ken. Six months later I have found that we are both still carrying around the same emotion and the same love and the same disappointments. As an adult I made a conscious choice to be intimate. I'm feeling OK right now, but who knows what kind of aftermath my emotions will face in a few days...maybe I will make a trip sooner rather than later to Wonderland to dance off the blues...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Let Your Soul Glow!

I know I'm two days late on commenting on the Super Bowl, but there is a burning question remaining: WHY IS PRINCE SO BADASS???!?!?!

And my second question is: What kind of perm does Prince use?!?! Cuz that shit help up through the (purple) rain in Miami. The perm should have had its own Super Bowl ad! I can't even walk by a deactivated sprinkler system without my hair napping up a bit!