Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Boss and Eddie Take It to Church

I know it's a little overdue, but I finally have time to do my holiday weekend recap. I know, I know you all have been dying to hear about it ;)

The reason I waited was because my weekend didn't officially end until last night, when I had the pleasure of attending my first Pearl Jam concert. Malibu Ken is a longtime fan and it was plain to see that Pearl Jam has completely DEVOTED fans. The show was packed and PJ were so gracious.

This was a solid rock show. PJ played for more than 2 hrs. There was no bullshit - just a band that has a commitment to creating the kind of music they love.

I never would have thought that 14 yrs after "Alive" came out that I would be hearing it live. The show was definitely a great experience!

So I guess I'll do my weekend recap in reverse, because there was another special concert I attended. On Sunday May 28 MK and I got to see Bruce Springsteen at Nissan Pavillion. He performed with the Seeger Band, a jazzy bluesy down-home revival act. The Seeger Band features 2 guys from the Conan O'Brien show in the horns section! I swear MK was more excited to see "La Bamba" than The Boss (sadly there was no rendition of "In The Year 2000").

Bruce took it to church y'all with his soulful renditions of bluegrass favorites, gospel covers, early 20th century folk songs and a few of his best acoustic songs. This was one of the most special live experiences I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. I never thought I would enjoy bluegrass musical stylings but I did! The spirit of all of the songs was great and Bruce showed that you can rock out with a banjo and horns section for sure. And ladies, Bruce is just smoking hot. I didn't realize it until then but he has got some serious mojo.

On Saturday May 27 MK, friends from college and myself ventured out to the far far hills of the Shenandoah to go to the Farfelu Winery. The weather was great and we had a great time tasting wines and playing Bocce Ball (I found out I'm pretty good at this game). Farfelu apparently is old French for "crazy." :) I got some nifty wine glasses and "feasted" on cheese and E.L. Fudge cookies while a band called October Skies played. If you get a chance to go to Farfelu do it quick - there's a rumor that it might close shop at the end of the year.

On Friday May 26, the kick-off of the weekend, I bid adieu to a very good friend who is moving to NC. The most appropriate way we could think of doing this was a night out in Adams Morgan getting sloppy and eating jumbo slice. Some things just come full circle :) Actually, I am ashamed to admit that we were so drunk we got the brilliant idea that "all we wanted to do was DANCE!" so we went to Heaven and Hell. We choose Heaven and I am also ashamed to admit that the DJ there kicked ass and played booty shaking after booty shaking songs all night.

Sadly, the only pox on the weekend was my effin camera. Something is wrong with it and every picture appears blurry and too bright. I look like I'm a victim in "The Ring." I've tried fixing the settings but it hasn't worked. Anyone have a recommendation on a decently priced digital camera?

So that pretty much sums up the past 5 days. Good weather, good wine, good company and a couple of good ear-gasms from live shows. The summer is shaping up to be a good one!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Boobies

Happy Friday Boobies! And Happy Memorial Day Weekend. For the second week in a row I'm featuring a latina beauty, who is one of my faves. Who didn't love her in Hitch? :

Eva Mendes is natural and looks comfortable with her body. Gotta love the curves! I'm giving her a 7.

Do any of you have exciting holiday weekend plans? I am going out tonight in D.C. to bid farewell to a good friend who is moving, Saturday I'm going to "wine coutry" w/ friends for tastings and a picnic, on Sunday going to Annapolis for crabs and shopping, on Monday hanging out at my Mom's new crib on the lake, then Tuesday seeing PEARL JAM! Whew, catch me if you can.

I purposely avoided using the term "we" - even though Malibu Ken will be accompanying me all weekend, as I got called out by Kathryn last night for using "we" repeatedly whilst describing my weekend. I'm not one of those girls. I swear. :)

I hope everyone's plans involve some fun Memorial Day boobies!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hurricane Katrina - Sadness Revisited

This article makes me SOO ANGRY:

CNN - "Katrina autopsy: Police shot mentally disabled man in back" -

"Clearly he was shot from behind," said famed New York pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who examined the body for the family's lawyer. (Watch where the man died and details of the autopsy -- 5:04)

A prosecutor said the case will go before a grand jury soon and acknowledged the investigation includes the possibility of police wrong-doing.

Ronald Madison, 40, was mentally disabled and lived at home with his mother. He had no criminal record. He was shot when police responded to a report of gunfire on a bridge over the flooded Industrial Canal on Sunday, September 4, six days after Katrina hit New Orleans last year.

Where is the outrage? This man was mentally disabled and probably in a state of distress after Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans. These officers shot him down like he was a limp dog.

The fact he was running away from the cops and that his brother contends no one had a gun, points the finger at overzealous New Orleans cops.

I understand that in the days following Hurricane Katrina, there was massive confusion among the police force and widespread disserations among the ranks. The police force that remained was on edge and eager to try to restore any sense of power.

But shooting a man in the back, 5 TIMES, and then trying to explain that he "threatened" the officers does not fly.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to always play the race card, but it angers me that New Orleans police had no regard for this black man's life. Do you really think that if a 40 year old white man was running they would have shot him in the back?? I believe the answer is no. I have no idea if the police officer who fired the fatal shots was black or white. It doesn't really matter - black people can be negatively prejudiced towards other blacks too.

Ronald Madison's brother was a 25 year career Federal Express employee. So you can throw out the "lower class equates to race" issue. He is not a thug, but all the police saw was a black man who was in the same area where gunshots were fired. So of course he must be connected to the incident right? I guess it would make too much sense to investigate and secure the scene BEFORE firing into the backs of innocent people right???

If you all want to accuse me of making it a race issue when it really isn't - fine. Because I will defend my statements. I guess if Ronald Madison was a 30 something bug-eyed white woman who went missing days before her impending nuptials we would all care.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Boobies

Happy Friday Boobies! Today's lady is an actress who I don't think we see enough of - Rosario Dawson. She seems very talented, and is naturally beautiful:

Man, that's some rack. I'm giving her a 7. Actually, I'm going to give her an 8 simply based on the fact that she is dating the hottest man alive, Smith from Sex and the City.

Good god what I wouldn't give to be her left ta ta.

P.S. - Doesn't she look a little preggers here? If these two had a baby they would be giving Brangelina's tater tot a run for the title of "Most Genetically Gifted and Aesthetically Pleasing Person EVAH"!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Does this Post Make My Ego Look Big??

"Why Emails Are So Easily Misunderstood," Christian Science Monitor, May 15, 2006, .

This is a really interesting article about communicating over email. Often tone and meaning are completely lost in emails, leading to small and sometimes BIG misunderstandings:

In effect, e-mail cannot adequately convey emotion. A recent study by Profs. Justin Kruger of New York University and Nicholas Epley of the University of Chicago focused on how well sarcasm is detected in electronic messages. Their conclusion: Not only do e-mail senders overestimate their ability to communicate feelings, but e-mail recipients also overestimate their ability to correctly decode those feelings.

One reason for this, the business-school professors say, is that people are egocentric. They assume others experience stimuli the same way they do. Also, e-mail lacks body language, tone of voice, and other cues - making it difficult to interpret emotion.

Think about it. How many times have you received an email where you judged the person's tone to be curt? Or you read someone's blog post or had an IM conversation where you are left questioning the person's intent? Personal electronic communication is so, well, impersonal. There is no way to look at the person's face and see the lie. Or hear the slight infection of one's tone as they mockingly describe a night out with a potential suitor. I have personally tried to have less electronic communication and more phone calls. More in person meetings where the subconscious human connection is more able to ascertain a person's disposition. And in turn you can spend less time over analyzing stale, cliche IM conversations and the "OMG what did he/she mean??" factor.

The article makes a very good point about ego playing a part in assuming one knows exactly what an email/post/IM from someone else means. Maybe the sender is hiding their emotions behind an impersonal email? Maybe that person just simply wants to be taken out for coffee and listened to? Is it up to us to assume we know everything from a few lines forever stored in our gmail accounts?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Boobies - Oompaloompa Edition

Friday Boobies Time!

Today's lady gets props for having real boobs (I think they're real...) but hurts her score by smashing the boobies into a too-tight dress.

The whole look is atrocious really. But the way the dress scolds her boobs and makes them droop and look akward is unacceptable. They look like 2 huge forlorn Cheetos. I'm giving her a 5. I know Nick Lachey is telling all your business and your sad your sister is starting to look hotter than you, but get it together Jess!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

America Got It Wrong

Dear America,

Yep, you definitely got it wrong tonight on American Idol. You sent home Chris, a person of immense talent and charisma. I understand why you kept Elliot (his voice is like butt-ahh) and Taylor (Hello Vegas cabaret) but I have NO idea why you kept Katherine McPhee. Yes she has a killer voice, but she has the showmanship of a sedated 95 year old. She bored me to musical tears all season and her performance of Elvis songs was bloated just like Vegas-era Elvis. Sure she's attractive, but there is no reason for her to remain on the show. You America, made Paula Abdul shed crocodile tears. And I don't even think Paula was coming down from any drug highs. Look at what you did America. Now we have to hear McPhee McMote through sorry-ass ballads and Aretha style oldies for another week.


Monday, May 08, 2006

China Doll

Ahhh, my bloglings. I've missed yous guys. I've been crazy busy with the new job. Man, it's a whole different ballgame for me going to more marketing communications duties. I like the people and location (Chinatown for this China Doll!). I just haven't had a chance to breathe. And going from having my own office to an exposed cubicle pretty much means blogging from work is a negative.

And in an even more suprising move I turned down a job that would have been more money, but less responsibility and less overall experience building in my opinion. And some very wise people steered me in the right course. If this job doesn't work out I'll just what I do best - hit the ground running.

In a totally un-related note, I'm having a yard sale this weekend. I'm hoping to purge my life of a lot of extra hangers-ons. I have some side tables, electronics, art work, and kitchenware to get rid of. Putting up signage in the neighborhood is my next step. Luckily, I live on a pretty busy street so we should get a lot of passers-by. Have any of you thrown a yard-sale and had success?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Boobies

First, my new job is fun and different but it has been tiring. I will try to return to more regular posts next week.

But in the meantime enjoy today's lady, the young and talented Lindsay Lohan. She gets a lot of flack for partying, hooking up all over the place, and not eating. But it seems that La Lohan is finally getting some meat back on dem bones:

I'm still convinced that she had breast implants a few years ago because they were much bigger and suddenly went away. Did she get new implants? Or just finally starting to eat healthier foods? The world will never know. But I'm giving Lindsay a 6. Keep on eating those sandwiches girl!

Monday, May 01, 2006

First of the Gang

This weekend was pretty chill. BBQ, Carpool, a good friend got engaged (gulp! she's the first in our group of friends), and oh yeah.....I forgot to mention....... I GOT MADONNA TICS. SECTION 103 IN PHILLY. HOLLA.