Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lessons from the Coldest Night This Year

I am sitting here at 8:20pm STILL hungover from last night's partying. I went out with some lovely ladies and a few gentlemen to celebratre a birthday, and here are some lessons I learned:

1. Mixing lemon drop martinis and wine is a good thing
2. Going to Camelot and dropping my hard earned money on strippers is a sound financial investment
3. While channel surfing, white people do not stop on BET to see what fine programming they are offering
4. Letting the skeezy guy standing outside Camelot almost walk you to your car is not that bad of a thing
5. Eating McDonald's at 3am is a good way to cap off the night

OK, so now I am just that much more knowledgable!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish...

For the past 2 weeks I have been OBSESSED with getting a dog. A miniature smooth coat dachshund to be exact. I've always thought dachshunds, or "wiener-dogs," were adorable. And they have a personality just like me - loyal, playful, small build but you wouldn't be able to tell because they act like big dogs. :) Here is an example of the breed I want:

This is a smooth coat Red female mini dachshund. Look at that face! Sigh.

As I thought about shelling out $500-$800 for one these adorable puppies, I realized that right now wouldn't be a good time to have a dog. I can barely afford to feed myself and I'm not home enough to really care for a dog. I decided it would be better to save up the money, wait until I have my own apartment, and take on a dog in a serious manner (besides just wanting to dress it up in sweaters).

So as I entered the pet store this weekend, I opted for a pet that requires less care. I got a purple Beta fish and his name is Max. Max is pretty chill and I think he enjoys the blue marbles I put in his fishbowl!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Red Hot Chili Peppers tonight!!

with Gnarls Barkley opening!!

I saw both of these groups at the Virgin Festival and they were my favorites so I can't wait for some booty shaking-upliftmofo-st. elsewhere jamming/duets tonight! How sick would a mash-up of "Crazy" and "Under The Bridge" be??

Anyone out there love RHCP as much as I do? Favorite songs???

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Boys To Men

When I was about 13 I started going through my celebrity crush phases. I never had much luck with boys so looking at movies and getting into that fantasy world made sense for me. It started with Leonardo DiCaprio in the updated version of "Romeo and Juliet." He was all legs and eyes-in-hair-teen-angst-ridden passion.

In the "Basketball Diaries" he showed he was quite a fine actor, with the ability to show humor and pathos in the same character. I've always liked that. I was just a teenager, innocent and inexperienced, yet he DEFINED sexy for me.

From there my crushes bounced between the fleeting (Josh Hartnett) to the delicious (Taye Diggs) to the long-term fantasy guy (Brad Pitt). And now it has come full circle because I am back to LOVING Leo.

I saw "The Departed" recently and discovered Leo was no longer a gangly boy with a slightly awkward veneer, but instead appeared on screen as a MAN. Full shoulders, slightly less cherub-y face, grit and pain in his eyes. He HAD me. And the accent. Holy hell.

And last night I had a sex dream about him. I don't often say men are sexy ( but Justin Timberlake does get the sexy title). Leo is so goddamn ZEXY I can't stand it. I need to meet a man like Leo NOW. I don't care where you are my Leo-In-Waiting - on the Orange line, at Science Club, at the Hess on Wilson Dr., or at Eastern Market - I will find you and POUNCE on you!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And the award goes to...

VP of Dior's Golden Globes Fashion Picks

Overall Best Outfit:

Perfection. These two are the perfect accessories for each other!

Best Fuck You Scumbag Look of the Night:

Reese - You BETTA WORK! Fuck Ryan!!

Let's get to the good stuff. There were so many baaaadddd looks of the night!

Overall worst outfit:

Vanessa Williams - Aye carumba!! God this pains me. If I had her body I would NOT cover it with an ill-fitting dress and tacky fur. And the hair!!!!?!?!? GAH!?!?!?
Worst Dress of the Night:

Maria Menunous - This dress was so nasty-green-metallic-rust-sewage-ish that it hurt my eyes. It looked AWFUL on camera during the awards show.

Worst Post-Break-Up Appearance:

Cameron - I know we haven't always gotten along but I feel sorry for you. You simply cannot leave the house looking like this! The hair! The tiers of fabric! Oy! Sack up ho!

Worst Hair:


Monday, January 15, 2007


Martin Luther King had a dream for America - that equality would take the place of hatred and anyone could have the same opportunities to pass down to their children. As an African-American female I believe I am a product of the hard work of many leaders like MLK. I am thankful for MLK's pursuit of his dream and realize that some of my accomplishments may have not been possible without him. I am a college graduate of a prestigious institution. I am bright and ambitious, seizing opportunities as they come and making new ones.

But I think in the 21st century there is much more room for improvement in America and the opportunity to pursue new levels of equality in this country:

I have a dream that people will realize that what they see on TV and movies is not indicative of everyone of a particular race.

I have a dream that people will take the time to know the individual and not judge based on stereotypes.

I have a dream that everyone can be free to date or marry and fall in love with anyone else they want to, regardless of the person's race, gender, or class.

I have a dream that everyone will have access to healthcare, because not just the rich or employed deserve to be healthy.

Politics aside, these are just a few of my wishes and hopes for a more equal U.S. Do you have a dream for America?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Report to the School Office

The following bands need to report to the principle's office IMMEDIATELY or risk banishment to the detention hall of forgotten CDs:

1. Interpol - I've actually had to resort to listening to Joy Division to get my gloom and doom. C'mon fellas let's get it together. I am a huge fan of your 2 albums and eagerly await a new one this year.

2. Maroon 5 - You guys were the SHIT 4 years ago....after 1 album. Don't go out like punks. Although I hear the lead singer is too busy boinking Jessica Simpson and other celebrities.

3. Bloc Party - Now that the lead singer is out of the closet, there should be sufficient buzz around their follow-up to "Silent Alarm." The blokes put on a heck of a live show (saw them at Black Cat and 930 club), so release the new CD and tour already would ya?

4. Garbage - Please please please don't be disbanded. I need the whirlwind that is Shirley Manson!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It's 6:45pm, I'm still at work editing 2 large powerpoint presentations. So now I interrupt this terribly busy work week to ask a question:

Am I the only person who actually enjoys working on powerpoint presentations?

There's something about having a very confined space to present your text and graphics on, and making sure that you get your point across loud and clear. There's no need for certifications, hours of sweat and labor, and a background in quantum physics. Just make your point succinctly, be judicious with the graphics, and make it engaging.

Even though it's late and I should either be at the gym or having sex with a hot guy, I don't really hate these powerpoints. I just wish it would take me out for a nice steak dinner once in awhile.

Sigh.......I need to not work so much....