Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Zoom Zoom Zoom

I'm finally getting around to posting about this weekend. It was a very busy weekend and a very busy beginning of the week (I DESPISE MY JOB RIGHT NOW).

Friday - MK, my friend Loo and her boyfriend, and I went to Whitlows for pool and drinks. Loo and I won a game and free drinks off these assholes that thought just because we were girls we couldn't play well. AUA would be proud that I prevented drunk girls from placing drinks on the edge of the pool table. My roommate had a friend in town and I knew it would be crazy at my house, so I packed a bag and headed to MK's house for the weekend.

Saturday - MK and I tried to go to the GWU v. RI b-ball game, but alas tickets were sold out when we got there. So we hopped on the Metro (with my new SmartTrip card in hand) and went to Chinatown. We went to the International Spy Museum which to my surprise was quite enjoyable. I think I'd make a pretty fly CIA agent. I even have an undercover agent lipstick pen to get me started :) Then we ate at Tony Cheng's, the venerable mongolian BBQ all-you-can eat. It was some damn good mongolian BBQ, and MK went back to the grill 4 times. The boy can eat! After that we were pretty beat so we headed home to watch Anchorman (my fave current movie): "Go back to your home on Whore Island!"

Sunday - What a jam-packed day! My friend Ry joined MK and I for brunch at Front Page in Arlington. I had no idea their brunch was so delicious, and there was a great Bloody Mary bar! From there we headed to the National Zoo to see the baby panda. I was really excited because MK and went to the zoo together when the mama was preggers. When we got there the baby panda was asleep high up in a tree! The keepers said it was the first time the baby had climbed so high. Unfortunately we couldn't see the panda's face because it was curled up in a ball. Bandit, you got some 'splaining to do!

We only went to the Zoo for the pandas because our next itinerary was the Washington Auto Show at the convention center. MK's friends met us there and MK really wanted to go to see his dream car, the Ford GT. I had no idea what to expect because I'd never been to an auto show before. When we started walking around I got so in to the different cars and designs. I really really liked the new Acura TL, BMW Z4, Lincoln Navigator and the Mini Coopers. I of course was bowled over at the Maserati and Ferrari display (Santa did not fulfill my request for a Maserati for X-mas, but one can dream). Also, there were a bunch of new hybrid models from Toyota and Lexus. Believe it or not, the 2007 Camry will be offered in a hybrid and it looks awesome. Even though my 2001 Civic is in very good standing, I'm in the mood for a little more zoom zoom :)

The All-American Ford GT (gave MK a hard-on)

Zoom zoom zoom bitches! Me in the BMW Z4.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Upgrade/Downgrade - Life Goals Edition

Not being able to get below 140 lbs, despite increased exercise and healthier eating:

Researching and scheduling dance classes to get in shape: UPGRADE

Not actually starting my GRE exercises to prep for the test: DOWNGRADE

Being proactive about looking and interviewing for jobs: UPGRADE

Disliking my current job: DOWNGRADE

Still having a job: UPGRADE

Being broke and not being able to shop for much needed work clothes: DOWNGRADE

Opening and contributing to my ING savings account: UPGRADE

Starting my Junel Fe birth control and losing my fucking sanity to hormones: DOWNGRADE

Not being pregnant: UPGRADE

Being emotionally bamboozled by my love life and feeling inadequate: DOWNGRADE

Possibly having this Valentine's Day be my first with a boyfriend: UPGRADE

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Unfortunate, Obnoxious Event(s)

First off, I had a pretty great weekend. Ate at Bertucci's (unfortunately I went to the A-Town location so I was not able to capitalize on KOB's hookup), had a relaxing pedi and massage at Sugar House, watched the Steelers win (guilty fan by association) and saw two movies. Cube, you'll be happy to know that I finally saw Brokeback Mountain. I thought the movie's pace was a little slow, but Heath Ledger's performance floored me. I also saw Syriana, which had another great performance, given by George Clooney. The movie basically reinforced what I already knew about the U.S.'s shady involvement with control of oil resources in the Middle East, but I won't go into all of that right now.

Two recent events of the last two days have me kinda pissed off. Both involve my appointments for job interviews. First, I had a job interview scheduled on Monday morning for a large firm that I really really want to work for. The location is awesome, I would make more money, and the experience I would garner is appealing. So Sunday night I went to bed right after Grey's Anatomy and images of Dr. McDreamy dancing in my head. Actually, the channel was on TNT when I finally dozed off around 11:15. I'm sleeping and am then awakened by loud banging on my front door. Because I'm half asleep I assume it's Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte being little bitches (I Love Trouble was on the TV). Then I wake up and realize, yes there is someone at my front door. The clock reads 2:36AM. Great. I thought it was my roommate possibly locked out, so I throw on some clothes and open the door to be greeted by three Arlington County cops. Great.

The officer asks, "Do you know an Andrew Kepich and does he live here?" I reply, "No he does not live here. I think he lived here before me, but we still get tons of his mail." The officer replies, "Oh so he doesn't live here?" I reply again, "No." The officer asks me how long I've lived here and I take a second to remember when I moved in because I'm still half asleep. The other officers chuckle and say, "I know it's late." NO SHIT MOTHERFUCKERS. YOU WAKE ME UP AT GODDAMN 2:36 AM AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS CHUCKLE??? YOU INCONSIDERATE ASSHOLES.

So then the officers tell me that if I see or hear from Andrew to call them. Obviously he has done something illegal, and the fact he hasn't changed his address in a year says he's hiding from someone. But hey, guess what? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW ANDREW KEPICH. IF I DO SEE HIM I WILL DROPKICK HIM FOR NOT CHANGING HIS ADDRESS, YELL AT HIM FOR MAKING US SORT THROUGH HIS BILLS WE RECEIVE, AND THEN CALL THE COPS. If anyone knows an Andrew Kepich please warn him what's coming his way.

This unfortunate, obnoxious event happened the morning before my important interview, and although I got there on time I wasn't well rested. I think it went OK....

Cut to this morning. I have an interview downtown on K St with a communications hiring agency that saw my resume online. The interview was scheduled for 8AM, so that I could be back at work by 9. I even got a confirmation email last week for this. I get up at freaking 6:30AM to get ready and drive over there. I arrive early, park my car in a garage and take my time. Upon entering the office I tell the receptionist I have an appointment at 8AM with "Jessica." She lookes confused and checks the calendar to find that my name is not on there. But she doesn't say that "Jessica" isn't there yet. She simply says, "Well, have a seat in the conference room." She does not offer coffee or water. I sit in the room for 15 minutes before I go up to the receptionist and ask for an update. She replies, "Oh "Jessica" isn't here yet. I thought you wanted to wait." Um no, I thought you were going in the back to get "Jessica" because you never said she wasn't there and why would I want to sit around and wait for an undetermined length of time?!?! So I leave all the documents I brought with the receptionist (which might have been a bad idea know that I think about it) and left. I got caught in traffic getting out of D.C. and was 6 minutes late for work. And I wasted $6 on a parking garage. Hmm, and the number of documents I brought was 6. See a pattern here? 666. Hmmm, perhaps "Jessica" is the devil... haha. Actually, she's either unprofessional or dealing with her own obnoxious events.

I hope everyone else's week is free of unfortunate, obnoxious events.

UPDATE, 11:22AM: I just received a reply email from "Jessica."

VP of Dior (or my real name, whatev),

My apologies for not being here at our scheduled time. I have a ton going on these days, so I probably forgot our meeting.

No worries though, I'd be able to talk via phone tomorrow. How about 9:00am? I'll plan on calling you on your cell phone at that time.

Thanks so much for your understanding,

OK, the least she could have done is make up a lame excuse, like her dog got hit by a car or she had cops banging on her door late at night. But to say that you have a ton going on and you "probably forgot" is unacceptable. I have a ton going on too! I seriously doubt the level of her professionalism. To use one of my fave phrases, "What kind of shoddy estabblishment are you running here?"

UPDATE #2, 12:59PM: I Googled Andrew Kepich hoping to find some info. This looks like a possible lead, although it says his address is in Waldorf, MD. He might be an immigrant because his arrest was for "no working permit."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Got Plans?

While getting a salad at the N. Asaph St. Giant, Madonna's "Hung Up" came on the loudspeakers. I think this is a good indication that today will be a good day. When I was there yesterday (I'm slighted addicted to the Giant salad bar and gummi O-Peach rings) I heard Kylie Minogue. When did Giant turn into god damn Club Chaos? (Well, you know besides the stabbings and all).

Tonight MK and I are eating at Bertucci's. I lost a bet, so dinner's on me. Has anyone ever eaten there? I always thought it was a glorified Olive Garden (nothing wrong with OG) but I looked at the menu online and it seemed OK.

The rest of the weekend is up in the air. I do have a highly anticipated massage and pedicure appointment on Saturday at The Sugar House Spa in Old Town. I've never had an actual spa quality massage!

Also, I will be forced to watch the Steelers game on Sunday, on account of MK's allegiance to his home team. I just wish the Skins were still in the playoffs :(

What's everyone else in the lovely DC metro area (and points beyond) doing this weekend?

Lastly, I have very exciting news about a possible new job. I have an interview on Monday and Tuesday. Updates to come.....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Of All the Blogs in Blogland You Had To Walk Into Mine

(Sorry for the quick post w/ no linking. It's a lil hectic at work right now)

It was my supreme pleasure to meet all the bloggers last night at Mackeys. Although it was 800 degrees farenheit in there, I met some new faces and saw some old chums. Although I did bail early for Lost (and it was an AMAZING episode - I predict the castaways are going all Army of Darkness on the "Others"), here are some highlights.

-Totally not making the connection between Rhinestone Cowgirl's tiara and shirt w/ a graphic of a cowgirl

-I-66 shaking his head at me for bailing at 9PM

-Meeting for the first time: Chicada Rosa of Paint DC Pink, her nice friend, and Chase (finally!)

- The Boy sticking his ass in a yuppies face (by accident)

- Aja and I talking about open bars and Popeyes chicken

-Kathryn saying such kind things about MK

- V of Circle V with her brizziliant idea to have a strip-club hop. From quadrant to quadrant we're going to wreak some havoc!

- EJ and her hilarious bar/bat mitzvah event

- Meeting Lesley, who doesn't yet have a blog, but we should totally start a juicy Pussycat Doll DC cabaret

- Going on and on to Scott from NBC4 about how I love the anchors and I've been watching them since I was in grade school and OMG I met Jim Vance once and he's totally tall and Doreen Gentzler is so informative and god bless that Tom Keirien.... yeah that's basically what I sounded like.


I'm sure I forgot some things and people, so I apologize. Keep blogging my babies, keep blogging!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Take My Breath Away

I had a really wonderful weekend(except for the Skins, ahem). I went to 1789 on Friday for dinner and it was fabulous. Malibu Ken arrived at my door looking GOOD in a suit and brought me roses! I was sooo surprised. I think it's always fun to get dressed up and do a nice dinner every once in awhile. I put on my little black dress and we were out the door.

We arrived 20 min early but the hostesses were very nice and prepared a table for us right away. We sat in the John Carroll room right in front of the fireplace. Tres romantic! It took a little while for our server to present the menu and wine list which left us wondering if we would ever get a waiter. For my first course I had the scallop margarita - scallops in a lime sauce with avocado and tequila ice ball. Very very full of interesting flavors. MK had the oyster soup and it contained very large, done to perfection oysters. For the second course I had the rack of lamb with feta potatoes and garlic spinach. I've since heard that this dish is a DC classic, and while eating it I could taste why. The lamb was tender and the potatoes were out of this world. He had the grilled monkfish served over scallops and garlic spinach. I'd never had monkfish before and it was very good and meatier than I expected. Our third course was dessert and I got the lemon marscapone cheesecake and he got the chocolate cake. Both were very rich and left us VERY full. Overall, the service was great (our glasses were never empty) and the food was delicious. It was the perfect night out and I'm so glad I finally got a chance to go there.

After dinner we walked along the Gtown waterfront and took a few moments to enjoy the nice view. MK whispered something very sweet in my ear, and as we were holding each other I realized it was the most romantic moment I've ever had. He is so good to me and everyday I learn something new or discover a deeper connection; and realizing that I deserve all of this has also been a surprise. He is caring, strong, honest, and has great teeth! Haha. But seriously a friend made a comment regarding us that is so true: we are always laughing. We are on the same wavelength and usually find ourselves happy, full, and laughing. And that's a magnificent place to be.

Blogger Tag Team

I guess you could say I got tag teamed by Sethro and Asian Mistress. Although, that might end up being kinda hot....... hehe.

Four jobs you have had in your life:

Public Relations Account Coordinator (my current role)
Waitress (seventh circle of hell, AKA Seasons)
Tommy Hilfiger cashier/stylist/floor person extraordinaire
Freshens Yogurt ( a whole 'nother lifetime)

Four movies you could watch over and over:

The English Patient
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Four places you've lived:

Bremerhaven, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
Lorton, VA

Four TV shows you love to watch:

Lost (I agree with Sethro that this is the best show EVAR!)
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Sex and the City

Four places you've been on vacation:

Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL

Four of your favorite foods:

Spaghetti - all time fave! no meat needed!
Lo Mein! haha
Croissants - could eat these all day, but I'd be 1,000 lbs

Four places you'd rather be right now:

In the arms of a certain male resembling a Mattel character
Tuscany area of Italy
H&M store

Four sites I visit daily:


Four Bloggers to Bloody Tag:
Orgasmic Booty Shorts

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Case of the Disappearing Chicken Lo Mein

Man oh day, I am Lindsay Lohan exhausted. I'm at work, hungover as a mother effer.

The root of this evil began with a small spat I had w/ Malibu Ken. OK, it was more like me being an evil meanie because I'm on my period. I blame the hormones!

But anyway, I had made plans last night and I figured I should just go all out and get shitfaced and forget about the argument. I organized a group of lovely ladies to go out to Play. This is my NEW fave spot. I didn't pay for any drinks and had a great time with my girls (If you do a little research you'll find out why Thursday nights at Play are fun). Let's just say I had a few too many and before I knew it I was shouting every word to "Shake Your Rump". Yep, I took it back to '94. When I got home I devoured 2/3 of a whole carton of chicken lo mein. This could explain my demonic stomach aches right now. I called MK really really late and woke him up to try and apologize, but I think the combination of my drunken slurring and him being half asleep made for an undecipherable conversation. I then passed out fully clothed and woke up this morning with all clues pointing to: yes, I am a drunkard. The empty chinese carton with the fork still in it, drunken IMs on my computer screen, Il Bastardo wine, bottle of Motrin, unwashed face........ sigh.

But last night further proved what I've been saying for years - Thursday is the new Friday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What's Going Around

Restaurant Week - Round 1: Last night I went to a highly anticipated dinner at Galileo. I have wanted to eat there for years, and I figured the special $30.00 pre fixe meal was a great opportunity. Well, I was very disappointed. The service was good, but the food lacked imagination and heat. Literally temperature heat, people. All three of us at the table mentioned that our food came out lukewarm. Maybe this is how Roberto Donna likes it? Anyway, the first course was ravioli stuffed with butternut squash and ricotta, in a butternut squash sauce. It was so-so. Would have been better if it WAS HOT. Second course was sea bass over risotto. The glaze on the sea bass left a weird after-taste and the portion was very small. The pinot grigio I paired with it also left an unpleasant after-taste. My friends rabbit dish was quite good, but again lukewarm. The third course was dessert, and my apple gelee was nothing more than a pastry puff with a dollop of ice cream on it with a touch of shaved apple. Nothing special. Overall Galileo score: C. I can honestly say I've had much better Italian (in Rome and Florence, as well as in America) for cheaper.

I'm going to 1789 on Friday with Malibu Ken for a romantic dinner. I am very much looking forward to this, and we've already planned to get all purdied up to comply with the dress code. I've heard nothing but good things about the food, and for $30.00 it's a steal!


I guess the flu is spreading faster than invading Vikings. I have avoided it thus far, but it's inevitable because people in my office have had it and I'm sure my recent usage of the copier (including touching all the buttons to adjust brightness) will be my death knoll. Even this little lady has the flu. Hopefully I won't get it this season.

But you know what else is spreading around? The Love - that wonderful little bug - like in a really, really big pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window. I've got it. She's got it, as well as she, and this is the kind of bug you wish the whole world could catch (sorry to go all Woodstock circa 1960s).

It's really scary to be falling in love with someone, especially for me because I honestly thought I would never get over THE ex from college. When I met Malibu Ken I never imagined that we would connect on a deeper level, and that I would take my time to get to know him. It's even more scary to think that we haven't even touched upon the possibilities in front of us. My heart was an empty room and then MK moved all his furniture in. And it all fits so nicely :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Life Goes On

Well, I'm finally back from Florida during a tough weekend. Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes and sentiments. My aunt is the closest person I've known to die, and the fact that she was still young and full of life makes it even harder. But as they say,"Life goes on."

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Not the Best Way to Start 2006

The year started out on a high, but on a more sad note 2 days ago I found out my uncle's wife died. She had a lung condition and was only 48 years old. This has come as a huge shock to my family and my uncle is inconsolable. They were married for 25 years and they were so completely devoted to each other. I couldn't look up to my own parent's marriage, but Uncle Jack and Aunt Jackie served as an example of the power of love. I will miss her.

I'm flying down to Florida tomorrow for the weekend. Why is is that I only see my extended family when there's a funeral? Grrr, I hope I can get to the point where I can go down to Florida for more joyous occasions.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Viva Le Camel Lights! - DC's Smoking Ban

First, the DC Council approved 11-1 a smoking ban for all DC restaurants and bars to fully take affect in 2007. Read the story here: Washington Post.

It looks as if Mayor Williams will veto the vote, taking into consideration the loss of revenue that many restaurants and bars will undoubtedly face at the onset of this ban. On one hand, using NYC as an example shows that nightlife will still soldier on and drunk college kids will still clamor for the 4 beers and 4 shots for $10 at Tom Toms. On the other hand, why is DC always trying to be like NYC?? We are a completely different vibe, full of northern know it all and southern smile to your face-rip you apart later charm. We will never be NYC, with it's exclusive clubs, inventive fashion and killer shopping.

I am not a smoker but I realize that smoky bars are part of the nightlife. Bars are for people who drink, smoke, and just plain savor things that are bad for them. Does it mean that bars will be less fun without the smoke? Of course not. Will DC smokers cross "the bridge" into VA to enjoy our smoky bars? Eh, probably not (but wouldn't it be great to call them Bridgers?!?). Will it make my bar experience more fragrant? Perhaps. But I really don't think a smoking ban needs to pushed upon the citizens of the DC metro area.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

100 Posts Later: A New Year

I've finally come to my 100th post, and it is the first post of 2006. I had planned on doing a fairly comprehensive recap of the goings ons of last year, but then I realized it would take me another 100 posts to reflect the learning, growth, pain, fears, and joy that was 2005. There were so many wonderful things that happened to me - and for that I am grateful (take a look at all my posts, because well frankly, they're all good, heheh..ahem...).

I rang in the New Year down at Nags Head during a wedding. The wedding was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend away. Even after 5 days of non-stop Malibu Ken, introductions, questions (so how long have you two been dating? *eyebrows raised*), seafood, sand, and holy hell the Skins are in the playoffs- I am so happy. And I got the sweetest New Years Eve kiss. (Not to mention I reached a personal milestone. I've waited and hoped for years that it would happen - and it did. I had the big O with someone else. I seriously thought it wouldn't happen, but MK did the deed.) I am so happy I could coo.

So here's to a prosperous 2006 filled with love, joy, and martinis!